Emily and Richardson Preyer Buckridge Coastal Reserve (35.697256, -76.109299)
Canoe Access

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Quick Facts

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County: Tyrrell
Acres: 27,111
Trails: none
Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

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The Buckridge Coastal Reserve protects over 27,000 acres of wetlands and forests between Alligator River and Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuges. There are no facilities or hiking trails, and backcountry hiking opportunities are limited, so this reserve may be of less interest to some readers. There is a heavily-trafficked boat landing.

Although the Coastal Reserve system recommends hiking along the roads, a driving tour is more suitable. The reserve is interleaved with private land, and can be explored more quickly than its size may suggest. While the reserve plays an important conservation role, as of April 2013 typical visitors may want to consider Alligator River, Pocosin Lakes, or Mattamuskeet.

The more notable species found here are red wolf, red-cockaded woodpecker, bald eagle, American alligator, timber rattlesnake, and pigmy rattlesnake.

Plant Life
Wetlands, non-riverine swamp forest, peatland, Atlantic white cedar forest, and pond pine woodlands.

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