Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve (36.077009, -75.735691)
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Kitty Hawk Woods Coastal Reserve

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Quick Facts

Trail Map: .jpg, .pdf
County: Dare
Acres: 1,877
Trails: 2 miles
Difficulty: Easy - moderate
Hours: Sunrise - Sunset

Kitty Hawk Woods contains one of the largest maritime forests on the Outer Banks. It is the only maritime forest in North Carolina where bald cypress dominate. Ancient sand dunes 30 feet tall mark old shorelines, and provide habitat for diverse wildlife.

Please note that hunting is allowed in the reserve, so make sure to wear bright colors when visiting the reserve.

There is a network of unmarked, unnamed trails through the maritime forest with benches along the way.

Diverse wildlife including bobcat, gray fox, raccoon, opossum, white-tailed deer, marsh rabbit, muskrat, river otter, salamander, turtle, frog, water snake, woodpecker, hawk, bald eagle, peregrine falcon, heron, egret, kingfisher, duck, swan, and rail.

Plant Life
Maritime deciduous forest, maritime deciduous swamp forest, and brackish and freshwater marsh. Bald cypress, red cedar, live oak, American beech, pignut hickory, southern red oak, willow oak, hop hornbeam, loblolly pine, northern bayberry, wax myrtle, and highbush blueberry can be found here. Rare plants such as coastal goldenrod, wooly beach heather, southern tway-blade, marsh pink, shoreline sedge, and wisk fern are also found here.

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